HD13.SBW Subwoofer

Installer-Friendly Saddlebag Powered Subwoofer Fits ’98-’13 Harley Davidson® Touring Models (Sold Individually)

Custom Down-Firing Subwoofer w/ Passive Radiator
Class-D Subwoofer Amplifier w/ Fault Protection
Enclosure Made of Industrial Grade ABS (Rotomolded)
Waterproof Quick Disconnect Plugs & Wiring Included
Low-Frequency Passive Radiator for Bass Response
Waterproof Hydrophobic Grommet Membrane Included
Plug-n-Play Harness for OE Stock for Aftermarket Radios

HD13.SBWL Clutch Side
MSRP: $1,249.99
HD13.SBWR Brake Side
MSRP: $1,249.99

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All-in-one Solution

Are you looking to add bass to your Harley Davidson® without all the headaches of matching up an amplifier or, even worse, taking away the saddlebag structure’s integrity? Precision Power has created the SBW powered saddlebag drop-in subwoofer, a perfect marriage of the custom enclosure, subwoofer, and built-in digital amplifier that allows you to avoid complicated mathematics. You’ll love the powerful impact this enclosure adds to your favorite tracks, and you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re getting state-of-the-art performance from Precision Power.

Rugged and Powerful

The SBW kit comes equipped with a custom subwoofer paired with a passive radiator to increase bass response with a built-in 300-watt digital amplifier. Neodymium Magnet Motor enhances the subwoofer’s motors’ strength; it is also extremely light, which means more output and less weight.  The sealed enclosure provides optimum sound quality, and the rugged rotational molded ABS plastic protects them wherever you ride or travel. High- and low-level adjustment switches allow you to connect it to any configuration, the system plug-n-plays behind either OE Harley Davidson radios or even our aftermarket Apple CarPlay & Android Auto replacement radio.

Ported Membrane Technology

With all this new bass comes new technology… Well Sorta… The Product Development team came up with a solution to port bass coming from your saddles without destroying the structure of each saddlebag. Each subwoofer kit comes with ported grommets equipped with a unique membrane allowing sound to pass through while keeping the elements out. It’s specific technology all of you know and have experienced in sports earbuds; it’s the special membrane that’s the genius behind this product; you’re welcome.

Harley-Davidson® is a registered trademark of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.


Product Highlights

Down-Firing Subwoofer Enclosure Made of Industrial Grade ABS

Class-D Subwoofer Amplifier w/ Fault Protection Built-in

Enclosure Made of Industrial Grade ABS (Rotomolded)

Waterproof Quick-Disconnect Plugs for Easy Install/Removal in Saddlebag

Custom Active Subwoofer w/Low-Frequency Added Passive Radiator

Waterproof Hydrophonic Grommet Membrane Included

Plug-n-Play Harnesses Included for Stock or Aftermarket Radio

HD13.SBWL Clutch Side / HD13.SWBR Brake Side



Compatibility/Works with:

1998-2013 Harley Davidson®

Street Glide®, Electra Glide®, Electra Glide® Ultra Classic®, Road Glide®, Road Glide® Ultra

Harley-Davidson® is a registered trademark of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Harley-Davidson®, Road Glide®, Street Glide®, Electra Glide®, are registered trademarks of Harley-Davidson Motor Company. 




HD13.SBW Subwoofer